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Osram is a German company engaged in the manufacture of fluorescent and LED products and accessories of high quality for 12 years now. The company’s led service lamps are distinguished by a special brightness of light and great battery life with a single charge.

What makes the OSRAM lights better than the rest?

In the manufacture of its products the company uses only the most advanced LED technology, providing bright emission and low power consumption. The materials used are of the highest quality with increased durability. This makes the ORSAM light sources high quality and resistant to extreme conditions.

They also have different levels of IP protection, preventing penetration of moisture inside the device if it accidentally gets in a wet environment. On the other hand, these gadgets have built-in batteries that provide about 8 hours working time on a single charge - a great indicator.

Often different models provide a choice of light mode, allowing battery conservation. The color temperature may range from 6000K to 7200K, depending on the number of LEDs. In addition, there are adjustable hooks or a magnet available for convenient attachment of the unit.

What lamp is better to choose?

To select properly a luminous device you should be aware of what you expect from it such as functionality. For example, if you are confident that it is very likely for the device to get in a humid environment, you might prefer a model without IP protection which will save you money.

If you are in an automotive service, it is good to pay attention to the opportunities for securing the unit on different surfaces – to have a hook for hanging or a magnet for sticking on a metal base. Consider also the size - in overall dimensions it may not be comfortable to use, especially in narrow places. An important indicator is the time for autonomy with one battery charge. For continuing usage it is good to take into consideration this time.

The assembly of housing elements must be very stable, giving a feeling of solidity – without any creaks and dislocations. Preferably, the material from which the housing of the device is made has to be slightly rough and mat in order to stand securely in the hand.

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