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Датчик за външна температура за BMW -15%
Датчик за външна температура за BMW

Regular Price: €12.47

Special Price €10.59


In Stock in Plovdiv and online

Датчик за външна температура за Mercedes-Benz -15%
Датчик за външна температура за Mercedes-Benz

Regular Price: €12.47

Special Price €10.59


In Stock in Plovdiv and online

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A convenient extra in the car will be to have something that shows the temperature outside. In order this to be possible, however, it is necessary to have such sensitive to the weather changes element. It is called a sensor and it is placed in a special location in the front part of the car in order to measure correctly the corresponding changes outside.

What do we use the car temperature sensor for?

They are designed to measure the outside temperature and to display degrees inside the car. In fact, the measure is not completely accurate, because there are factors affecting measurement accuracy.

Although the sensor is located behind the front bumper, hidden from direct sun impact, it is more or less affected by the warm air coming from the asphalt and the engine.

This is especially true during long traffic jams, where the car works and does not move. Readings of the sensor can be considered relatively accurate during movement of the car with no less than 40 km / h for at least 10 minutes.

Traditionally, such a sensor has only two plugs - one is connected to the "table" and the second should be in the car lounge coming from any convenient hole.

How to change it?

You need a screwdriver with flat tip for the whole procedure. To change the appropriate sensor, follow the steps in the following sequence:

  •  Disconnect the negative clamp from the car battery;
  •  Remove the front bumper;
  •  Find the wires leading to the sensor on the inside of the bumper;
  •  Turn off the receptacle;
  •  Squeeze the plastic ear holder and remove it.

The replacement of the new element is carried out in reverse order. Be careful when handling it, especially when removing the gadget from the nest, because if you break some detail, it can not be installed reliably.

Why to choose AutoPro?

Because only here the origin of the products is guaranteed and quality is at the highest level. Our professional customer service team will gladly assist you to make the right choice of product that corresponds to the needs and desires.

If you need a new sensor for measuring outside temperature, we will help you go through our extensive catalog with devices for particular brands and models. You have the option to return or replace the ordered product against refund within 15 days. Awesome right ?! We are expecting you now!