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Have you been doing maneuvers in conditions of insufficient visibility? This is probably a familiar feeling for many drivers. Well, with the advancement in technology, parking sensor system was invented to alert when the vehicle approaches an object. It is a system of range sensors which generate a signal to the driver when approaching an obstacle.

Types of parktronic system

With a camera. In addition to the installed in the rear bumper sensors, there are cameras that transmit an image to the driver in order to have better clarity of what is happening behind him;

Wireless. Exchange of data between system modules is carried out by radio signals rather than through cables;

With tape. A special tape sensor is mounted on the rear bumper along its entire length, covering completely the perimeter around. According to the manufacturers, this option has no dead spots and it signals no matter where exactly is the obstacle behind the car.

What should we know when choosing a parktronic system?

As in many industries, here we also have budget systems and more expensive ones, which are also more effective. There are systems with different number of emitters - the more they are, the more you reduce the "dead spots".

The ones with two sensors (the cheapest model) which are installed at both ends of the rear bumper solve only a quarter of the insufficient visibility problem. The systems with three sensors are a little better as far as visibility comes, but there are cases in which the signal will be missing and this creates an impact premise.

The optimal option is to have at least 4 sensors, and the best one is to use 8 sensors where there are no "dead zones". Of course, the investment is greater, too, but it will be certainly less than restoring damage from an occasional hit. Think about it! An important point is the signalization. If you like loud music or have a hearing loss, you should consider the models with audio-visual indication.

The difference between wireless and regular

There is a difference not in functionality, but in the way of installation. In wireless models, as the name suggests, there are no wires and individual blocks (sensors and central unit) communicate with each other via radio-frequency range. They are much easier to install because there is no additional wiring compartment in the whole process. As for the regular models – the installation takes longer because the last stage, mentioned above, could not be skipped.

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