Tuning Headlights

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Each car is viewed initially with its overall appearance, and later attention is drawn to its details. Undoubtedly, in this case the headlights are a huge part of the overall presence.

Besides the nice appearance, they must meet many other requirements:

  • To provide a good level of illumination;
  • To cover the widest possible range of the road;
  • To not dazzle the oncoming drivers.
  • In continuous operation and utilization the old main optics begins to lose its positive qualities due to darkening and deterioration of light conduction. This leads to deterioration of the quality of reflectors and the appearance of the car.

To get out of this situation you need headlights tuning. AutoPro.bg online store offers a wide range of accessories which will help your car acquire completely unique features. There are items with or without "angel eyes" and magnifiers.

Besides the excellent illuminating features that are achieved using a specially developed form, clearly focused and individually selected magnifiers and extremely transparent plastic polycarbonate glass, this kind of optics provides a unique look. It can transform absolutely any vehicle.

Tuning headlights are two types:

  • Reflector Headlights: they use halogen bulbs. In this case Xenon is not installed, because it may lead to the occurrence of emergency situations on the road. The light is not focused and it is very dangerous because it blinds the oncoming drivers.
  • Projector Headlights: they have a number of advantages, since in this type the light is focused. This does not entail blindness of the oncoming cars, and by using this accessory you can see the road and the roadside area better, which provides additional security. This optics is more powerful and quality.

If you want to buy headlights, you should simply look our online store and choose among the variety of models and prices. This will give the car an adventurous look and you will create an image of aggressive and strong driver.

Tuning headlights from AutoPro.bg - security and attractiveness for your car!

Why to choose AutoPro.bg?

  • Original design. This makes your car unique as the exterior changes from the original factory appearance;
  • Our tuning headlights will provide better visibility when driving at night;
  • High quality and variety of models of almost all famous brands;
  • You will be able to replace them yourself, installation is easy and hassle-free;
  • Our prices will surprise you as they are reasonable enough to afford the desired ones.

Give your car diversity and uniqueness – order now at attractive price!