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Do you often look back after a luxury vehicle, attracting your glance by the glossy chrome moldings lying on the doors, trunk and tail lights? These moldings are great tuning accessories that give luxury to the vehicle and attracts people’s looks. They are details that don’t look very important but adding them to the overall styling of the car makes the vehicle look very impressive and beautiful.

What chrome moldings can you find in AutoPro?

In the store you will find a diverse product catalog, combining accessories for halogens, taillights, trunk and other items for different car brands. Everything is made of stainless steel with 100% compatibility to the vehicle model.

All products are of exceptional quality, offered at the best possible price and delivered in short terms.

How are they installed?

Some vehicles come with factory moldings, but older car models lack of them and the owners have to take care of their placement themselves. At first sight, the procedure is not difficult, but there are some specifics to be taken into account in order the result to be satisfactory.

• Measure if the piece fits well.
-Before you begin any installation you need to put the detail first, holding it with one hand and take a look from every angle whether it fits perfectly;
• Clean the area.
-The place where you will attach the decorative molding should be well cleaned from any grease and dirt for better and permanent bonding of the device. We recommend to use a harmless paint thinner and to inflict with cotton or soft cloth;
• Glue the item.
-put glue in the middle of the device and carefully put it in place, holding your hand for 5-10 minutes. This time will help the glue to make the base fixation. It is recommended to not wash the vehicle for at least 24 hours. If part of the glue goes beyond the product lines, clean it with a soft cloth.

What do you need to know when choosing?

The kit consists of several elements made of stainless steel bearing chromium layer that increases hardness, wear resistance of the material and protects from corrosion and aggressive environment.

These decorations of the external tuning are available with a recommendation to use them on a particular vehicle model because in this case it is expected the moldings to fit perfectly into the place for which they are intended.

Why to choose AutoPro? online tuning store offers a wide selection of all parts that provide style and personality to your favorite vehicle at irresistibly low prices. Choosing us, you will get exceptional quality product, professional service, 15 days test period with the possibility of replacement or refund of purchase, warranty service and short delivery terms. Contact our customer service team now and they will be happy to assist you right away.