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Because of the imposed regulation of driving with lit headlights during the day, many people began to seek solutions to this problem. That is because rushing for work in the morning drivers tend to forget about that particular detail. Moreover, manufacturers can not boast with embedded in cars devices for automatic switching of DRL when turning the engine on or off. So, external additional units were created to deal with this situation.

What modules do we offer?

The variety of modules in our store is great and we can be helpful in this direction, as we offer systems that turn lights on just a few seconds after activation of the engine. We also have those that will protect you from fines thanks to their special sensor.

The good thing about these gadgets is that they can be installed quickly and easily and they will save you many headaches. You no longer need to do anything but to get in your car and the gidget will do everything else. If you recognize this problem, apparently the time has come to decide to save money from fines.

Why are they necessary?

Every driver is aware that there is a law stating that headlights must be on at day and night. All they also know that we all tend to get in the car and forget about the lights, which directly makes us violators on the road.

What can help us are the modules for automatic ignition of headlights - extremely small and easy to install gadget, even by an unqualified person.

Let's look in more details their advantages:

  •  They connect directly to the electrical system of the vehicle, without a possibility to burn out if inconsistencies in tensity appear;
  •  High reliability of electronic database;
  •  Smooth inclusion, a few seconds after the engine;
  •  Compatible with all models of vehicles.

Why to choose Autopro?

Thanks to the constantly updated products and the best prices, we have become one of the preferred places for shopping of tuning parts. Any customer is welcome. You will receive special treatment from our attentive consultants and after analyzing the problem you will get an adequate solution in the shortest possible time.

Not every store can boast with these advantages. The constantly multiplying positive feedbacks about us are a sign that we are heading in the right direction. We offer 15 days test period and the possibility to return the purchased product against refund. Furthermore, each item is accompanied by a guarantee so don’t hesitate and contact us now.