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Почистващ комплект K&N Почистващ комплект K&N
SKU: 99-5000EU

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Почистващ комплект K&N 99-5003 Почистващ комплект K&N 99-5003
SKU: 99-5050

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Although the technology in the automotive field is already in advanced stage of development, various filters play a significant role in the durability of the engine. Even though they are an often overlooked element, they are actually very important. They cause damage to the nozzles, piston groups and the engine fuel system. Therefore, we will talk about the K & N company’s products in the lines below.

What products does the company offer?

The company K & N is a world renowned manufacturer of high quality air filters with zero resistance and more than 40 years of presence on the sectoral market. Now it operates mainly on the US and the UK market, and the accessories with zero resistance have a high degree of filtration and omit significantly greater amount of air in a short time.

The secret of success hides in the purifying unit, composed of many specific pappus which allows retention of even the smallest particles, without creating any obstacle to the clean airflow.

Advantages of the K & N products:

They are many, but we will briefly list the most important:

  • a 50% greater airflow and a unique filtration in comparison with other conventional counterparts. The efficiency of the purification depends on the fabric used in the device;
  • Increased engine power. It already "breathes" completely normal, which promotes proper gas combustion without residual particles and thus, the power increases;
  • Extended lifetime. The accumulated dirt hardly prevents fresh flow due to the impregnated with a special oil cloth. This means that when dust is collected, the purification system begins to operate, which guarantees efficiency, even after a long drive;
  • It can be cleaned up to 25 times. The unique fabric allows repeated washing of the accumulated dirt. It is advisable to be check every 3 months. The K & N manufactures guarantees operation up to 1.6 million kilometers or 10 years.

Why to shop from AutoPro?

We guarantee the products’ quality and we provide professional service from qualified experts in the field. The rich storage stock allows us to send the purchased items immediately after their confirmation. Moreover, we give 15-day test period to try the purchased products and in case of problems, to replace or return them against refund. We are expecting you!