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DIEDERICHS adjustable sports suspension for the Volkswagen Golf V 10.2003-10.2008 -50%
DIEDERICHS adjustable sports suspension for the Volkswagen Golf V 10.2003-10.2008

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To become more stable on the road a car should have a sports suspension, which makes it lower than usual, but more stable on the corners. This can be a problem in larger bumps. Let’s see what are the advantages and types of sports suspension.

Why to put sports suspension on the car?

The sports suspension is the link that unites the supporting structure with the wheels or the axles. One of the main tasks is the proper distribution of all loads on the supporting structure. This will allow you to extend significantly the lifetime of the car, to improve the aerodynamic performance, stability at high speeds and cornering.

The last generations combine excellent performance, durability and reliability. It is enough to note that after installation, you'll immediately notice a big improvement in the movement of the vehicle, especially in sharp turns, which will prevent the vehicle to overturns in abrupt maneuvers.

Quality performance must be soft enough to prevent any strikes on the speed limiters, even in bad traffic routes. Such combination of flexibility and elasticity allows to get rid of sharp gradients in maneuvers, car tilting, pausing, managing any fluctuations.

Types of sports suspensions

According to the way of driving, the constructive features are divided into the following types:

  •  For drift. This mechanism is consistent with all the necessary requirements for strength, reliability and control. It withstands considerable loads that occur during  rotation;
  •  Rally on gravel and asphalt. There is one pipe structure of inverted type. The length of the spring together with the big move allow you to avoid hitting when    jumping or riding across bumps at higher speed;
  •  Circular races. One-pipe performance, characterized by many opportunities for height adjustment and an increased diameter of the absorber.

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