MacPherson Struts

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An integral part of the car is the front suspension MacPherson. It is a set of knots enabling the elastic connection between the wheels and car body. The main purpose of the MacPherson suspension is to reduce excess dynamic load with a bearing structure, such as the wheels of the car, and to re-distributes it on all major elements of the body. As a result, driving on rough roads became much more comfortable for the driver and less dangerous for the vehicle.

What are the MacPherson struts?

The suspension device is quite simple in comparison with some other types. The main element is an amortization rack which, in most cases, is mounted together with the elastic spring element. The structure is attached to the passenger compartment using a rotating hinge joint. Thanks to the spring system this stand has the role of an absorber. In rare cases, the spring and the stand are mounted separately.

Struts (also called Strut Braces) actually serve to improve this system and take some of the load, which in turn makes the car more stable and reduces twisting of the body in busy traffic situations, such as bumps on the road and driving off road.

If you want to improve the sustainability of your favorite vehicle while driving and cornering, these solutions can help you.

What are the different types of strut braces?

The types vary according to the different vehicle brands and models and selecting the specification of such information is very important. The types are divided according to the way of installation - at the front or at the rear part, on the top or bottom of the system.

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