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Стоп за мъгла тип лазер
Стоп за мъгла тип лазер

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Do you want your vehicle to be more visible and to attract attention?Do you want to add interesting and modern shades to your favourite car that correspond to the spirit of the current fashion? Do you want to improve the image of your car with something new and original? The special logo projectors installed on the doors of your car will give the desired appearance, adding a truly unique and remarkable features.

What are the logo projectors?

These are small additional components build in the bottom of the side doors that project the logo of your car when you open the door. The image they create is easily replaced and you can change it with another. These gadgets are extremely tiny and invisible to others, but the effect they create certainly attracts people‘s attention. To put a projector logo on your vehicle is an original idea that gives a personal touch.

The specificity here is that the broadcasted image will be displayed equally well on any surface - asphalt, ground, snow, grass. On the other hand, the use of these gadgets comes in hand at night because they will illuminate the place where you will step getting out of your vehicle.

Are there specificities in different models?

Depending on the way of installation, the projectors are divided in two types:

  • Upper - the device is fixed with special glue to the base;
  • Built-in – the device is placed in the bottom corner of the door.

It is advisable to buy a model compatible with the brand of your vehicle to make sure it will fit. Furthermore, this will save you headaches installing it and the result will be really satisfactory. It is probably unnecessary to recall that it is essential to keep the device dry.

Why to choose Autopro?

If quality is important for you, then you've come to the right place because everything Autopro.bg offers has a guaranteed quality at the lowest price. We maintain incredibly large and various stock in storage. Moreover, our terms of delivery are among the shortest and the prices are very competitive because we skip middlemen and acquire our goods directly from the manufacturers.

Along with the above said, choosing us as a partner in tuning your vehicle, you will get qualified assistants that will pay special attention to your requirements. We also offer the option to test your purchase and if you have to replace or return it - a refund of the money you paid. So, do not hesitate to contact us – you won’t regret it!