Dashboard Rings

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The transformation of the dashboard is possible with plastic rings that act as a kind of a halo of the measuring instruments. This addition will give the car unique and inimitable charm. Installing the rings will not take much time and effort. You only need to carefully separate the protective glass and then to place the devices.

What are the dashboard rings?

Specially prepared for the certain car model chrome rings are designed to be placed around the measuring tools on the dashboard, giving a complete personality and contemporary look to the front inside part of the car. They are made from high quality ABS plastic, but let us share that this is an extremely pliable and durable material.

By using these additions you will give the front steering part more finished and refined look, which is another step towards renewing the entire lounge. They also emphasize the round shape of the devices and distinguish them from the background, making them more visible thanks to the reflective shiny chrome effect.

How to install them?

The installation of these accessories doesn’t require great effort and time (about 15-30 min). Firstly, you have to disassemble the front part of the panel in order to remove the elements and only then to put the rings.

Everything must be done very slowly and precisely, so as not to hurt the panel and to retain its original appearance. If you have difficulty with the fit of the item, you can try heat it with a hairdryer, which will soften it and you can easily perform insertion into the corresponding hole.

What will you find in AutoPro online store?

We have a range of chrome details compatible with automobile brands and their models:

  •  Mercedes;
  •  Audi;
  •  Opel;
  •  Peugeot;
  •  Volkswagen.

All products are made of high quality materials and there is almost no chance of missing compatibility with your particular model.

Why to choose AutoPro?

Firstly, AutoPro.bg online shop managed to make a name among the leaders in the industry, due to the high quality items, individual approach to every customer and competitive pricing policy.

Secondly, shopping is absolutely safe with us because each customer has the opportunity to test the purchased items and return or replace them and get a refund and extended warranty, so don’t hesitate and contact us right now.